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Based on your brief answers, i start to play... with ideas, copywritinig, colors, and create a unique visual language. starts with logo, fonts and colors, visuals


Our game is a dialog, im always happy to listen, and im openminded.  i will walk with  you through every step of the implementation process . i don't  do code, but i can recommend programmers or build a stunning wix site from scratch




I start every project by asking some important questions that are Necessary for me to learn your business: What need does your product solve? Who is your audience? what are your product values?  What other similar products might already be out there? who are your Competitors and how they look?  i build a  concept for your product based on your answers.



Hi, i'm nama, its shorter than Naama... and much shorter than Naama Gross Chiyayat :-)

I'm a  graphic designer, love to play with concepts, elements, text, etc.

Actually (even if its not cool to admit it) i have fun doing my work!

I do web designs, logos, brands, print, UX and other fun stuff.

Hope you enjoy my portfolio...



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