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Why you should buy glasses online

In many ways, it is easier to select eyeglasses if you have an optician helping you. However, purchasing eyewear online often is less expensive and may be more convenient.

If you already know which frames you want to purchase and have measurements taken by an optical professional, it's easy to order your new eyeglasses online and wait for them to arrive in the mail.

 Accurate PD Measurement

The optical center of your eyeglass lenses is the part that gives you the truest vision, and it should be directly in front of your pupils. To determine how to place the lenses in your frames so the optical center is customized for your eyes, the eyeglasses lab needs to know the distance between your pupils, or PD.It can be tricky to measure your own PD, somewhat akin to trying to cut your own hair. Dispensers need lots of practice to be able to measure PDs correctly, and even experienced opticians have difficulty taking

Making Sure Glasses Look Great On You

It doesn't taste any different than normal cauliflower, Couvelier said, but it does offer that stunning color.


Purple cauliflower, Couvelier said, would look good in a veggie tray or mixed with pasta. She suggests making a head of cauliflower into steaks, by cutting them into slices, drizzling them with olive oil and then grilling or pan cooking them like steaks.

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