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Hawaiian tuna poke

It's a new year and foodies, like everyone, become restless with last year's must-haves.


Each year, new food trends force us to get out of our comfort zone, deconstructing what we thought was tasty or healthy.


Many of this year's trends touch on "vegetable butchery," the idea of treating a vegetable like a fine cut of meat. Diehards, Couvelier said, will start to bulk up on veggie knowledge.

close attention to when to purchase certain vegetables and will get specific in how to prepare them.


Here's what you'll want to be eating in 2017:

Roasted radishes

A plate of butter-roasted radishes

Sharp and peppery, raw radishes often are salad toppers or a garnish.


But they take on a more mild, earthy flavor and peppery bite when you roast them. They go well as a simple side dish, with roast chicken, or you can chop them up into a roast radish salsa.

Purple cauliflower

A plate of butter-roasted radishes

It doesn't taste any different than normal cauliflower, Couvelier said, but it does offer that stunning color.


Purple cauliflower, Couvelier said, would look good in a veggie tray or mixed with pasta. She suggests making a head of cauliflower into steaks, by cutting them into slices, drizzling them with olive oil and then grilling or pan cooking them like steaks.

Poke bowls are the new sushi

Hawaiian tuna poke

Poke bowls — pronounced like "OK" — are, put simply, deconstructed sushi rolls.


Couvelier said poke bowls, which come from Hawaii, come in a variety of different combinations. But mostly, they are filled with rice, cubed raw tuna, sesame seeds, ginger, garlic, tamari or soy sauce. Couvelier suggests adding avocado, mangoes and topping poke bowls with wonton strips.

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Considered healthy and quick, poke bowls, Couvelier said, offer some of the same benefits as sushi without having to bust out the rolling mats.

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